Career Partners International

We focus on your people so that you can focus on the bottom line.

Established in 1987, Career Partners International (CPI) is the largest and fast growing worldwide talent management partnership with more than 200 offices. We strategically select our partners from talent management firms that are “best in class” and embrace our exceptionally high standards and our commitment to delivering seamless and consistently high quality results.

CPI’s services include assessing, selecting, developing, and transitioning talent. We assist you by effectively planning, reorganizing and optimizing talent to improve performance. CPI doesn’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach; we do recognize that each situation is unique. We offer customized, flexible programs that are seamlessly delivered worldwide and combine the best of personalized attention and sophisticated technology.

CPI is emerging as an intelligent and informed choice because we take the time to understand the difficult business issues you are facing. CPI is dedicated to helping you implement organizational change and manage talent to enhance your reputation as an employer.

When choosing the talent management firm for your organization, two crucial questions that factor into the decision are “Do they care enough to give us the personal attention we deserve while handling our diverse needs and will they provide us exceptional value for our money?”

CPI ensures that the answer to these questions is YES!

To support that we have more than 2,000 highly trained, technically savvy and incredibly creative professionals who are relentless in helping your organization achieve its human resource goals. Each is a local expert who helps form a global team and share one overriding commitment-to care enough about the people we work with to go the extra mile – and then some!

Whether you are looking for talent management services for one office or 100 locations globally, CPI can deliver positive results immediately.